The Perfect Business Card

Mike Mulhall Business Card Business Card Back

Making the perfect business card is tough. But here are a few tips that may help:

  1. Don’t skimp on cards! – Business cards are important. They’re great marketing tools and they’re the usually the first visual item that people see representing your business. So forget the perforated business cards from Office Depot everybody. You need to find a real printer.
  2. Use quality stock – The thicker and sturdier the card the better. Flimsy cards don’t say anything good about you or your business…trust me on this one.
  3. Use the back – Depending on the industry you’re in, why not try to fit as much marketing material on your card as possible. As you can see from my card above, I put a map that even points out parking locations for customers.
  4. Don’t forget the vital info – For god’s sake, don’t forget any vital contact info. If you’re an internet company, don’t forget your website or email. If you’re a lawyer, a fax number would probably be important.
  5. Be different. Be original. But don’t go crazy – Your card should represent your brand and your ideas. Too plain of a card and it’s just boring. Too much and it’s just annoying. This really depends on the type of business your in. Try not to clutter the card. Sometimes less is more or more is just more…it really depends.
  6. If all else fails, hire a designer. If you don’t feel confident in your design abilities, there are plenty of services that can create a card for you. I use a service called Logoworks for all of my designing needs. As for printing, I use a company called They can do everything, from business cards to brochures to stickers and they have the best prices I’ve ever seen. I just ordered 5000 full color double sided business cards for $50! Eat your heart out Kinkos…

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