The 3 Pillars

A good friend once shared with me the secret to his company’s success. He called it the 3 tier supportive structure (he was an engineer)…I just call it the 3 Pillars.

There’s 3 pillars in business and each pillar supports the other.

  1. Employees – Treat them well, make them your first priority.
  2. Customers – Happy employees means happy customers.
  3. Investors – Happy customers create happy investors.

I had to laugh at its simplicity…but it’s amazing how many business owners forget this core principle. Entrepreneurs tend to over analyze and complicate. Simplicity is key..

Did it work for him? He took over a small company and turned it into a multi-billion dollar juggernaut of his industry…he’s the only guy I knew that had the President on speed dial…

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