Send Me An Angel

Do you have a great business idea but can’t find the funds to start it? An angel may be looking for you. Angel investors are individuals looking to invest their own funds into new businesses. Generally, they look for high risk, high reward startups that are in need of $50,000 to $750,000 of seed capital. Don’t confuse them with venture capitalists. VC’s usually manage pools of other investor’s money in a fund.

Financially, the capital an angel investor can provide upfront can allow an entrepreneur to start operations and scale quickly. However, the knowledge and experience an angel can bring to the table may prove to be even more valuable.

Most angels are successful entrepreneurs, meaning they have the contacts and insight to make your idea a success. They’ve already made the mistakes and learned from them. An angel can serve as a mentor for you and your business, and that can be priceless.

Because of the difficulty of acquiring loans in the more conventional manner, angel investing is becoming a popular option. How do you find your own private angel? Here are a few tips:

  1. Check out your local trade organizations – Networking is crucial to finding investors.
  2. Visit your Chamber of Commerce – Chamber meetings and mixers are great networking opportunities. It’s also a great way to gain local business contacts.
  3. Check out
  4. Google search – Do a quick search on angels in your industry. Your search is bound to turn up some related forums and discussion sites. These can be good tools in finding your angel.

I Love This Movie

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I watched this movie again last night and I forgot how good of a flick it was. Definitely worth the rent. I’m not sure if this one is on the Netflix instant queue yet.

It’s called Layer Cake.

“The art of good business is being a good middle man.” – This movie really drove that point home. For me, this was an incredibly powerful statement. And that is why this principle has become the driving force behind several of my newest business ideas. – Let's Start a Fire

I’m developing a new website that I just decided to name It’s one of the more basic websites I have in development, but it has me excited! It’s very much me!

I plan on merging the concept with my own ideas. I hope to turn Crowdkindle into a place where those garage tinkering dreamers can share their thoughts and connect with like minded individuals.

The concept is creativity and innovation, my hope is collaboration and my goal is to free everyone’s minds. I think it will be a lot of fun and this is only the beta version.

Follow me as I take you through the steps of creating your own fully functioning website! I’ll be posting articles as I develop the site and show you the little tricks I’ve learned.

What do you think of the logo?? I greatly appreciate any feedback and ideas for the site!

How I Miss the Past

Our Kentucky Derby Win with War Emblem

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the past events and people that helped shape me. Digging through photos and old boxes of memorabilia, I’ve been overwhelmed by powerful memories of unforgettable times. When I tell stories of my past, those who don’t know me think I’m making it up. I can honestly say I’ve lived a truly unique life thus far.

Me, Ahmed and my Dad standing in his Palace in Riyadh – 10 years ago

My Godfather was a royal prince from Saudi Arabia (Prince Ahmed bin Salman). My father was his best friend. I’ve spent time with most of the members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. I’ve partied with the Sultan of Brunei. I’ve chatted with the Aga Khan. When kids my age were playing video games at home, I was in England, wearing a top hat and tails, eating lunch with the Queen. But this was all in the past. It is no longer.

Victory walk after we won the English Derby

I grew up in the horse business. It is truly the sport of kings. No business can open doors like the horse business. My Dad and Ahmed won nearly every major race in the world, including the Kentucky Derby and the English Derby (the only time I’ve seen my Dad cry in joy). We almost won the triple crown twice. We’ve bred and raced some of the greatest horses in history. Sharp Cat, Point Given, Spain, War Emblem, Royal Anthem, K.O. Punch and Dr. Fong are just a few of the names. What was it like? Words can NEVER describe.

But it all came tumbling down in a tragic series of events, including the unexpected death of Prince Ahmed. I truly miss him, as do I miss all those that surrounded him. Where would I be now if he were still alive? I dare not imagine. But I know now that it was these events that gave me the strength and raging ambition I possess. I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit and I must have more. That’s what it feels like. And for an entrepreneur, that’s not such a bad thing.

These days will return. I know that. I will continue on my entrepreneurial quest, ambitious yet humble as ever. And one day, I will dine with kings and queens once more.