Ditch the Droid..Nab the Nexus?


I feel a dilemma approaching! I’m a Verizon customer and I love their service. However, until recently, they had a serious lack in cool smart phones. So I jumped on the Blackberry bandwagon, but I always felt inferior to iPhone users. Then the Droid was released. I immediately switched to it, and I’ve seen the benefits in both my personal and business life. I’m all about organization, ease of communication, web browsing and sexiness (I’m being honest!).

Now the Nexus One is rumored to be coming out on March 23rd for Verizon. Do I ditch the Droid and nab the Nexus? From the reviews I’ve heard….YEP!

But if Google keeps coming out with better phones every three months, I’m going to be pissed, and so will a lot of other Verizon customers. They haven’t timed the release of their new products that well. They could take a lesson from Apple in that regard. I see Google as the excited little kid with lots of new toys who wants to show off to all the other kids on the playground.

Nevertheless, bring on the Nexus!

Cool Apps for the Entrepreneur

Here are some cool apps I’ve used which will help any entrepreneur. Enjoy!

freshbooksThis is one of my favorite online apps for small business owners and independent contractors. It allows for invoice creation, tracking and collection. It’s done completely online and its simple to use. Because of its professional look and streamlined operation, this tool will help improve the perception your clients have of you.

Google Calendar

If you’re not already using Gmail or Google Calendar…start. It’s simple in that Google way and very powerful. Cool features include: Users can share their calendars with others and post events on other’s calendars, and it runs on Google’s servers which means it can be accessed from any device or desktop.

Campfirenow.comCampfire is like instant messaging, but designed exclusively for groups. There’s a few sites out there like this. Google Wave is another that just came out, but Campfire has been around a while. There’s nothing to install and it’s very secure. You can share text, files, and code in real time. You can also conduct business negotiations with a group.

remember milkAn very simple app that has saved my butt many times. It basically an online calendar on steroids. Setup it up to remind you about tasks or events via sms, email, instant messenger, skype etc.

mystickiesI love this app! I’m all about sticky notes, so this is a dream for me. It allows you to place sticky notes on actual webpages. Then you can go back any time and look at the notes you left. If you do a lot of online research (bloggers, etc.), this may prove to be an invaluable app.

Wesabe.comThis is a fascinating concept that seems to be working very well. You essentially upload all of your bank-account and credit-card information, and the site maintains a running list of every transaction. Other Wesabe users can observe your spending habits and offer advice on what you should do or change. Scary but effective!

Side JobAnother great tool for the independent contractor or someone who does a little work on the side. This site will hand your tracking, invoicing and reporting. It takes a very tedious task and makes it simple.

InstacalcA great app for anyone that doesn’t have their TI-82 anymore. It is a highly intuitive online calculator that can actually be quite fun to use.