Just a little about me

Hi there. My name is Mike and among other things I’m an entrepreneur, an artist, a teacher…a warrior poet. From the time I can remember, I’ve always been driven by an overwhelming amount of ambition. Combined with my immense thirst to learn and try new things, I’ve managed to accumulate an eclectic collection of life experiences, both the delightful and the absolute horrible.

My simplified explanation of life is this: it is nothing more than a quest for character. Unfortunately, character is usually spawned more from bad happenings than good. Character is the true currency of life. It is the only thing we can leave behind when we’ve turned to dust. Money comes and goes, I know firsthand about that. I’ve lived like a king, and I’ve watched it all crumble. I’ve faced the ultimate betrayals, I’ve stared death in the face on countless occasions, and I’ve learned so very much from it all.

This is my attempt at a blog, for both you and me. I have so much inside that wants to get out, that needs to get out. I will focus mainly on entrepreneurial topics and issues, from the simple to the more complex. And I hope to thoroughly explore the mentality, emotions and inner workings of the entrepreneurial mind and soul. I hope that by doing this, I can help others build on their hopes and dreams, start their lives over, start living and break away from those evil 9 to 5 bonds that lay waste to what I love most…life.

Mike Mulhall
“Eyes forward…Always..”