My Boy Patton

One of my idols is General George S. Patton. Not just because he was a great general, but because he was a very capable man faced with a vexing dilemma. He felt strongly that if he did not seize his destiny by force, it would pass him by. And that kept him up at night. I can relate to his worries.

He was a brilliant, strong, hard headed, cursing, bible reading son of a bitch (those are his own words). I wish I could have met him.

His motto was “Always take the offensive…never dig in.” Now THAT is a motto all entrepreneurs should live by.

I have spent a lot of time reading and studying war strategy as it relates to business. Patton, along with Von Clausewitz, believed that the general most willing to dispense with all things not related to war and just attack, with no thought of stopping, was the general who always prevailed. This type of strategy can also be applied to business and life. Patton lived by that rule.

If you are further interested in this kind of stuff, check out these books:

  • War As I Knew It – By George S. Patton
  • On War – By Carl Von Clausewitz     (Very heavy reading, but a great book)
  • Art of War – By Sun Tzu    (Everyone knows this one)

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