I love writing poetry, so I thought I would periodically post some stuff I’ve either just written or my past writings.

I wrote this after one of my Nascar races. I had just gotten into a large wreck and was feeling very discouraged. But when I watched the next race from the stands, and the cars, glistening under the bright lights, fighting each other at over 15o mph…I was truly inspired.

Under the Lights

The smells of racing, the roar of crowds,
The lights, the gleaming, the cars so loud.
The rage and patience of men in steel,
We race, we fight, we drive yet feel.
We live, we laugh, we cry, we crash,
We dream, we sweat, we win, we clash.
Sweat and tears mix, tastes of salt and pain,
We enjoy chaos and finding that fast lane.
The battles that rage, the great wars we fight,
No person can understand until they’ve been under those lights.
The flash of camera bulbs our anchor to the real,
We race in our own world with passion and zeal.
The speed, the action, the close calls, the wrecks,
The risks, the fools, the gaining of respect.
So pure a sport it is, so simple, so fast.
To race is to win, whether finishing first or last.
The courage, the fear combined is our strength,
Every driver wrecks after some certain length.
The highs, the lows, the smiles, the tears,
The meaning, the essence, the fuel of life’s cheers.
We were born to race, we were born to fight,
We were born to live under those lights.
Our hearts so large, our spirit so strong,
When we’re off the track, we just feel wrong.
I am a racer, I was born to win.
I will never give up, I will never give in.
Under the lights I race, and the under the lights I’ll stay.
I fight and struggle until that last day.
No one can stop me, I follow my heart,
With passion and valor, until the lights go dark.

Mike Mulhall  ’03

I was inspired to write this through my perhaps idealistic beliefs that any one person can change this world with a single great idea.

Worldly Ideas

An idea can change this world,
Spread through effervescent mentionings,
And melancholy goodbyes,
An idea can change this world.

An idea can live, an idea can grow,
Love and hate fueling its fire.
Good and bad happenings come and go,
Yet ideas burn slower than desire.

Worldly inspirations, cowardly silence,
Giving mortal end to undying dreams,
To live with fire in open defiance,
Is to touch this world by zealous means.

Ideas can change this world!
Transform it to the next,
Where fabricated thoughts are felt,
And no spirit shall ever rest.
Where life can touch one’s tongue,
Bittersweet flavors of wicked zest.
Ideas can change this world!
I’ve seen it in my dreams…and felt it in my breast…

Mike Mulhall ’02


More than words can ever express,
A smile from heaven I must confess,
Rays of light from the brightest star,
Your natural splendor can be seen from afar,
I watch and listen, gazing in awe,
So beautiful, so perfect, no fault nor flaw,
Am I dreaming of sunshine and joy,
Making me dream and feel like a boy,
Are you an angel, radiating light,
Zeal and passion are yours by right,
Into a world I’ve fallen so fast,
No need to think when two hearts are cast,
Giddy and gabby…just having a blast.

Mike Mulhall