Duck on Water

duck on water

When a mentor told me I was a true “Duck on Water” I had no idea what he meant. He said I was so calm and tranquil on the surface, but truly he knew I was paddling like a mad man to stay above water. I almost fell down laughing. But when I thought about it, he was absolutely right.  And now I see the metaphor is true for every entrepreneur at some point in his path to success.

Controlling the way others perceive you takes a lot of practice, but is one of your most powerful tools as an entrepreneur.  Sometimes I feel like ripping my hair out, but I keep my emotions contained. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly being watched, tested and judged. So keeping your cool and staying on point, even if you feel like you’re completely out of control, is crucial.

Perception is reality. I can’t stress how important that statement truly is.

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