Ditch the Droid..Nab the Nexus?


I feel a dilemma approaching! I’m a Verizon customer and I love their service. However, until recently, they had a serious lack in cool smart phones. So I jumped on the Blackberry bandwagon, but I always felt inferior to iPhone users. Then the Droid was released. I immediately switched to it, and I’ve seen the benefits in both my personal and business life. I’m all about organization, ease of communication, web browsing and sexiness (I’m being honest!).

Now the Nexus One is rumored to be coming out on March 23rd for Verizon. Do I ditch the Droid and nab the Nexus? From the reviews I’ve heard….YEP!

But if Google keeps coming out with better phones every three months, I’m going to be pissed, and so will a lot of other Verizon customers. They haven’t timed the release of their new products that well. They could take a lesson from Apple in that regard. I see Google as the excited little kid with lots of new toys who wants to show off to all the other kids on the playground.

Nevertheless, bring on the Nexus!

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