The Pirates of Silicon Valley


I wanted to share one of my favorite movies with you. It’s definitely in my top 5! This is the true story about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and their respective businesses. If you don’t already know the story, this movie will change the way you view a lot of things!

These guys are geniuses. There’s no arguing that. But I sure as hell would never turn my back on one of them if they had a knife in their hands.

Business can be cutthroat, especially if one plans to make it all the way to the top. This story does an amazing job of displaying that.

I’m sure you can find it on Netflix or in Blockbuster. Definitely worth the buy if you can find it on Amazon.

Business Review: Philly Kitchen Share


This new business is based on a model that I’ve always been interested in. Their website is horrible, but the idea itself is very interesting. There are numerous chefs, bakers and caterers in the industry that simply cannot afford their own facilities to operate in. Perhaps they only want to work part time or maybe they just can’t raise enough capital to build a commercial kitchen (a common occurrence in this economy). Whatever the reason may be, having the ability to rent a commercial kitchen for a flat daily fee can open a lot of doors, reduce a lot of headaches and hedge a lot of risk!

Laundromats, self serve car washes, Kinkos and do it yourself pet grooming stores are some existing concepts that follow this model in the consumer market.

What other areas in the professional market could this concept be applied? Machining & fabrication, automotive maintenance and wood working come to mind. Any industry in which the cost of entry (expensive equipment, etc.) is high may benefit from this kind of business model.

Can you think of any?