The Pirates of Silicon Valley


I wanted to share one of my favorite movies with you. It’s definitely in my top 5! This is the true story about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and their respective businesses. If you don’t already know the story, this movie will change the way you view a lot of things!

These guys are geniuses. There’s no arguing that. But I sure as hell would never turn my back on one of them if they had a knife in their hands.

Business can be cutthroat, especially if one plans to make it all the way to the top. This story does an amazing job of displaying that.

I’m sure you can find it on Netflix or in Blockbuster. Definitely worth the buy if you can find it on Amazon.

Often the difference between a successful person and a
failure is not one having more ability or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas, to take a calculated risk – and to act.”

2009…Focus on the Good

As the end of 2009 approaches, most are very happy this year is ending. It’s been a rough one, with bad events happening globally. Everyone’s attitudes and habits have changed due to financial hardships caused by an ongoing recession and a constant barrage of bad news from the media.

Almost every business owner I speak to, in every industry, has expressed to me their frustration and bewilderment at how bad things have become. Revenues have dropped significantly and small businesses are going out faster than they are coming in. I’ve never seen so many “For Lease” signs before.

But rather than look at the bad, I always try to look at the good. If one were to base their opinion of this year on the news alone, they would probably go jump off a high bridge. I’ve found that it’s better to look at the good things that have happened to you personally rather than the bad things that you can only read about.

Two of my very good friends beat cancer. My Dad broke his neck, had half his spine reconstructed and now he’s walking again (a miracle). Several of my friends were happily married. Several of my friends became parents. USC beat UCLA (about all I could ask for this year). I took on a great new investor in Merengue Bakery. We built the world’s largest cupcake (random I know). I met / reunited with some very special people. I got to see a little more of my super busy little sister. I attended the final concert of one of my favorite musician’s careers. I won a few horse races. I conquered some very tough personal plights. I started piano lessons and am still taking them! And I started my own blog…

That’s just off the top of my head. There’s much more, but these are the things I try to think about when reflecting on the past year. But that’s just me.

Focus on the good…forget the bad. Find something to smile about, find something to laugh about. Seriousness can sometimes dull down life, and that’s something I’ve just started to realize.