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U.S. in red for 14th straight month

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Here’s a good lesson. As a small business owner, if you want to figure out what you should NEVER do, simply look at the U.S. government.

An excerpt from an article on today:

The U.S. government rang up a deficit of $120.3 billion in November – the 14th straight month it has spent more than it has taken in. As of Tuesday, the country’s total public debt stood at $12.091 trillion, only $13 billion below the $12.104 trillion statutory debt limit. It is expected that the debt ceiling will be breached by Dec. 31.

I said this a long time ago, and if I ever get elected to office, I’m making it law: All politicians, from the President on down, must have ran a small business with 20+ employees and it must have been successful. If we were to apply this new law to our current congressional roster…yep…I’m pretty sure our entire damn government would be given a swift kick in the ass out of office.

The U.S. as a business is currently losing around $120,000,000,000 a month. We’re losing so much, that our current debt level is about to reach its limit. So what do we do then?? Do we trim some fat, cut some jobs, increase revenues or take pay cuts (god forbid!). Hell no! We just vote in a higher debt ceiling. Problem solved gents!

Politicians will never make good entrepreneurs because of one reason, they’re accountable for nothing. Make a bad decision and move on to the next one. So I say we either change up the requirements to run for office or we start making them accountable for their actions. For every billion lost due to a decision or related to a decision they made, they do a month in state prison (not federal!). I realize all of congress will go to jail for at least the next..ohhh..100 years, but at least they don’t get the damn free parking anymore.